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Why use a proofreader?


As a proofreader it is my job to read what is written - word for word, comma for comma and letter for letter.


What our brains tell us is written and what is actually written are often two different things.  


Our brains know what something should say rather than what it does say, thanks to an amazing built-in autocorrect ability. This makes it virtually impossible to proofread your own copy. Your brain effectively prevents you from spotting the mistakes. 


Proofreading is much more than a quick whizz through with a spellchecker. A spellchecker is good at letting you know if it recognises a word that is in its database, but it's a machine and what it can't tell you is if it is the correct word to convey your meaning. A spellchecker can find nothing to say about the following sentences, for example.








Your written material represents you and first impressions count. Sending out or submitting printed work containing mistakes and inconsistencies will not inspire confidence and people will notice.


As a professional freelance proofreader I am trained to locate and correct errors, ensuring that your document is audience-ready. I will:


  • check and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • identify inconsistencies in content, layout, typography and formatting

  • ensure that all pages, illustrations, graphs, diagrams and tables are present, correctly numbered and correspond with each other and the text

  • ensure a high level of accuracy and attention to detail

  • work quickly and efficiently, freeing up your precious time and saving you costly mistakes


When a pipe bursts, most of us would probably contact a plumber. When it comes to writing, it makes sense to call on a person who is trained to work with words. Is this why you need a proofreading service?


As far as spell check go's there is not anything wrong with this cent tense weather eye yam wrong oar rite


I have run this wired sentence threw it and it shows me strait a weigh as soon as a mist ache is maid


Spell check will not fined words which are miss used butt spelled rite. Do you still believe that spell check is rare lea wrong?

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