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May 9, 2014

So, what to have as the first post in The Agora...?


How about something which I know drives me potty, seems to have become more and more commonplace, and to which a lot of people seem completely oblivious?


And that is: should of vs. should have


The phrase should of in...

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Welcome to The Agora

Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά.

Pronunciation: ag-er-uh.

Literal meaning: "gathering place" or "assembly".


The Agora was a central meeting place in ancient Greek cities, with the Ancient Agora of Athens being the best-known example.

It was the hub and beating heart of the city, where people bought and sold goods, politics were discussed and ideas were exchanged among great minds like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

The word agoraphobia derives from this Ancient Greek word, meaning an abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks.


Whilst it is unlikely that great philosophers will pass through this Agora, there is nothing to be abnormally fearful of here either.  It is more a case of why have a blog when you can have an Agora?


Images: above, Ancient Agora of Athensright, Raphael's 'School of Athens', housed in the Vatican and representing the Greek Agora.